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Frameforge Previz Studio 3 : the versions

Nominated for the prestigious O'Reilly Flow Award

All versions are universal MAC/PC.

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Frameforge Previz Studio 3 Core Version

Watch your film before shooting it Detailed descriptionThe Core Version of FrameForge Previz Studio 3 is designed for the indie filmmaker on a budget.

• Work in a Virtual Film Studio that's so easy to use, it was nominated for the presigious O'Reilly "Flow" Award.

• Produce optically-accurate 3D Previz™ in a variety of looks and styles ranging from realistic to pen & ink sketching.

• Print storyboards & export animatics or full animations to sell your vision to investors, producers and make sure all departments are on the same page.

Identify and solve problems before you arrive on set to save time, money and makes your shoot more productive.

• "The power of previsualization made
accessible, quick and easy."

• "An award-winning design, used by
famous producers."

Frameforge Previz Studio 3 Pro Version

The complete solution to prepare your shoot Detailed descriptionThe Pro Version of FrameForge Previz Studio 3 is designed for the professional filmmaker who wants even greater control over lighting & camera equipment.

The Pro Version has all the features in the Core Version plus it adds:

• Physical Camera & Lighting Equipment.

Real-Time lighting with multiple light sources that combine in color and intensity and throw multiple shadows.

• Powerful Lighting Mixer lets you control all your lights from one easy-to-use panel.

• All Physical Camera Equipment "know" how to snap together, and they function just like their real-world counterparts.

Automatic Sun-Positioning based on geographic location of shoot, date and time--includes sunrise, midday and sunset times for that day.

• Equipment Reports, Camera Collision Checking, Distance Markers, Expanded Animatic/Movie Export and more.

• "Manipulate real-world shooting equipement."

• "Scene illumination with real-world lighting
equipement with physical simulation"

Frameforge Previz Studio 3 Stereo 3D Version

The stereo 3D industry's standard Detailed descriptionThe Stereo 3D Version of FrameForge Previz Studio 3 is designed for the professional stereographic filmmaker who wants to work with depth, parallax and screen offset in their real-time Previz™.

The Stereo 3D Version has all the features in the Pro Version plus it adds:

Fully Customizable Stereo Rigs--both beam-splitter and side-by-side.

Work while viewing in Stereo 3D in either anaglyph on any computer or using most passive or active polarized technologies.

One-click setting of Screen Plane or any parallax offset for any desired screen size, from an iPod® up to an Imax®.

• Automatic Out-of-Range Offset Verification will scan every visible object in a scene and report near and far parallax offsets.

Prepare for shooting convergent or parallel with planned offset in percentage or per pixel based on any pixel width.

View and export all camera info for each shot, including interaxial, angulation or planned post-offset, screen plane distance, and more.

• "Simply the best tool to prepare a stereo shoot."

• "Take the guesswork out of screen size in stereo 3D projection."

The Packs


Minimum System Requirements

  • Dual-Core CPU or Equivalent
  • OpenGL Hardware Accelerated Graphics Card with 128MB Dedicated RAM
  • 500 MB Free Disk Space
  • 1 GB RAM
Windows : Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7

Macintosh : Mac OS X 10.4 or later