The n°1 solution for virtual shooting

Frameforge Previz Studio

The closest thing to shooting live

Nominated for the prestigious O'Reilly Flow Award

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A Revolution in preproduction

Frameforge Previz Studio is the n°1 solution for previsualization for cinema, advertising and television,
and the only previsualization solution for stereo 3D - used by:
3ality Digital,Sony 3D Tech Center, RealD, etc.

• A producer's tool
• Show your film before shooting it to raise interest and funding.
Convey ideas visually and quickly
to clients.

• A storyboarding tool
• Prepare your shooting with unprecedented
precision and physically correct storyboarding.
Automatically generate prop lists, script
breakdowns, cast lists.

• A director's tool
• Visualize your movie. Get a feeling for its rhythm, its strengths and weaknesses.
Communicate with the director of photography, the set design crew, location scooting.

• An award-winning tool
Dean Devlin Jr., Producer
(Stargate, Godzilla, Independance Day) :
"It's a fantastic communication tool for the crew and for production. And it's so fast, I've often been able to board the afternoon's work over lunch! This is a must have application."

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The simple and powerful virtual studio

• Quickly build interior and exterior scenes.
• Compose still and moving shots just like on a set.
• 64 virtual customizable characters, thousands of positions, actions and facial expressions.
• 1300 Smart Objects(TM) which interact with characters.
• Associate your stored shots with text in the script on a line-by-line basis and preview it..

Previsualisation gives you time

• Time to explore the set you’ll be shooting on… even if it’s not finished being built.
• Time to refine the shots you’re thinking of using or discover better ones.
• Time to solve problems of blocking or camera movement before they even happen.
• Time to learn what will and won’t work in a given space so that when "magic" does happen on the set, you’ll be completely prepared to run with it and make the most of it.
• Time to focus on the creative elements of shots and performances because the rest of the crew has the information they need to run like a well-oiled machine.

Three versions to fit your needs

Core Version:
Watch your film before shooting it in an optically-correct virtual studio - 249 €

Pro Version:
All the features of the Core Version, plus physical simulation of real-world camera and lighting equipment - 399 €

Stereo-3D Version:
All the features of the Pro Version, plus stereo 3D parameters prediction and visualization. The most powerful and respected solution for stereo 3D on the market - 599 €

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